TREM11 – Paul Good and Kirsty Wood – No Regrets – Cassette, Digital and Video Release

We have here an exciting double header in name and format from TREM11 – No Regrets is an analogue cassette ready to ship to you for your aural pleasure. Check the bandcamp link above to score your limited edition copy above. Or get out your hi-definition screens and watch or link through the embeds below!

No Regrets from Paul Good and Kirsty Wood on Vimeo.

Ready for the most compelling stroll along a beach you’ve ever experienced? Try this beautiful but complex offering from the haunting duo Paul Good and Kirsty Wood. No Regrets – after 9 mins of swirling harmonies and textures I believe it! This is no pop song – it is completed by the accompanying video art work – please check it out above!

Tempest from Paul Good and Kirsty Wood on Vimeo.

Side 2 features Tempest – check out the above video – it’s a complex musing that is built on a sculpture by the artists

Tempest is a virtual installation of a physical work made ten years ago with soundtrack. This is a super hi-res, immersive guided tour from the perspective the artist intended complete with the sounds you need to hear!

Artist Bio bits:

Paul Good and Kirsty Wood are an artist duo, who make sculpture and sound. They are influenced by the environments they inhabit or encounter collectively, trapping various aspects of the past and present. They are interested in the context of sounds representation physically i.e. the same way as a score. Sounds they make include sampling, directly sourced from surroundings, with guitar, drums and some vocal elements to create a description of form.

They make sound in the same way they make sculpture, with the same formal concerns. Taking an example of John Cage’s 4’33”, what interests them is the frame work, it has a beginning and an end, the piano lid opens and then closes. This framing of nothingness is what they explore in their own work, negative space for them has the same physicality as the walls, the ceiling and the floor, it’s as tangible as clay.

Musically they create each piece as they would a sketch, starting with a basic structure, slowly building and editing until something forms that feels complete. The compositions are about balance, how one part sits next to another. They want the listener to feel immersed in a sonic landscape.


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